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Coltin C. Cunningham

Master Instructor

(4th Degree Black Belt)

Coltin C. Cunningham, born in August of 1986, began boxing with his dad about as soon as he could walk but would begin his formal martial arts training at the age of 7. He was unable to attend the juniors program classes and, therefore, developed his skills quickly in the more demanding adult programs. He worked hard to develop excellent boxing, kickboxing, and traditional martial arts skills. While competing on the competition circuit Coltin won the Junior National Karate Championship multiple times (in Sparring, Forms and Weapons Forms) and "retired" from tournament competition having won every tournament competition he ever entered, earning him the nickname, "Joltin" Coltin Cunningham.

After earning his black belt at a young age from an impressive panel of Black Belts in multiple different systems Coltin would take to heart the words of wisdom from his dad and other respected high ranking instructors/friends that “Black Belt is just the beginning”. After continuing to teach and study with friends for years, Coltin says that he learned/matured most, with regard to his martial capabilities and knowledge, in the years that he would help his dad form the revolutionary AFFKbJ Hybrid Mixed Martial Arts System. In addition to helping structure and teach Juniors classes, Adult classes and RIPSTRAKE seminars, Coltin is an important and integral part of the continual "testing" process in the very physical "mat laboratory" that fosters the aliveness and constant evolution of the AFFKbJ System and its dynamic, effective and contemporary curriculum.

Besides his excellent technical Martial Arts capabilities and teaching skills, he contributes a great deal of support in many different ways to all of the Cunningham's Ugottawanna Martial Arts Programs (including community outreach, graphic design, web page development, video production, etc.)

Coltin also teaches the very popular Cardio HIT CAT Kickboxing classes and works with individuals and groups in the 24 hour Fitness Center as a certified personal trainer.

Outside the Studio…

Mr. Coltin Cunningham:   

  • Graduated at the top of his class with a Business Management/Finance Degree from Robert Morris University
  • Was one of the team leaders of the National Champion Springfield Flame baseball team
  • Awarded Scholastic All-American honors as a member of the 2008 National Championship Robert Morris Baseball team
  • Works by day as the Vice President/Manager of AIRmasters Heating Cooling and Refrigeration
  • Owns and operates C.M. Forever Photography with his beautiful, kind, and supportive wife Megan
  • Works with young baseball players (age 6-18) to improve skills, increase success and win college scholarships
  • Enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, boating, camping, mountain biking, golfing and riding his Harley

Dr. Mandi Meaks

Black Belt Instructor

(1st Degree)

Bio Coming Very Soon!